Welcome to save family warmth


Nothing better than a nice evening in front of the fire, winter, cold nights, Christmas time, the smell of wood burning. The whole family enjoys and remembers this for years.

However, your chimney has a hidden danger and carries a big responsibility. It carries toxic gas out of your home and while doing its job, it must withstand constant attack by acid, creosote and extreme temperatures for months on end.

These conditions cause chimney damage and deterioration, and when that happens, your family's safety is in question. The risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and house fire become very real.

Let the CSIA certified technicians at Kiwi Chimney Services take care of your chimney maintenance. With annual inspections and cleanings the whole family can continue to enjoy fires and home heating safely. Courteous, reliable, clean and always professional, rest assured you have this safety aspect of your home taken care of with confidence.

CSIA Certification
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